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Can I rearrange my collection or delivery date?

Yes, you can change the date for collection or delivery up to 2 working days before the date currently booked in. The new date cannot be before the current booked date.

To rearrange collection or delivery please email us at: or call us on: 0330 133 8135

Can I change my delivery address?

Sure. If you're relocating, we can deliver your items to any ground-level address of your choice within mainland UK. This includes residential, business, or student accommodation addresses. There are a few exceptions for delivery locations, such as airports and train stations. To proceed, we require a valid residential or commercial address, along with the corresponding postcode. Additionally, please ensure that someone is available to sign for the delivery. For destinations beyond 20 miles from the collection address, an extra charge is required.

To arrange a change of delivery address, contact us using the contact details on this page.

What should I do if I don't know my delivery address?

Don't panic! We understand that sometimes you will not know where you want your boxes or storage items returned to when placing your order eg. you have not yet organised your accomodation for the next academic year.

If you don't know your delivery address yet, you can type in your current address as the delivery address but please make sure to state clearly that you do not know your current delivery address in the 'special instructions' box at checkout.

Please let us know the delivery address for your boxes and storage items as soon as possible. If you do not tell us your delivery address by the delivery date, we will be unable to deliver your storage items. In this instance, we reserve the right to levy an additional charge for the extra time storing your stuff and for the changes to our delivery schedule.

What happens if my collection or delivery cannot be made?

If our driver is unable to collect or deliver your items due to incorrect address details or your absence during delivery, your belongings will be safely returned to our storage facility. Please contact us through the 'Contact' page on our website to arrange for another collection or delivery attempt. An additional charge of £20 may apply for the second attempt. We require a minimum of 2 working days' notice for rescheduling. If the new delivery date is more than 7 calendar days after the original date, an additional charge may be applied for the extended storage period.

To ensure a successful delivery, please make sure you provide accurate address information, including the correct postcode. Any special delivery instructions that can help locate your address should be communicated to us. If you have requested delivery to a reception area, obtain permission in advance and ensure someone is available to sign for the items.

In the event that unforeseen circumstances prevent the driver from reaching you within the designated delivery window, we will arrange a free-of-charge redelivery to the same address.

While delays are rare, we cannot forward your items to international addresses in the event of a delay. We recommend scheduling delivery at least 2 working days before your departure from the country.

If the driver is required to wait for more than 10 minutes for any reason, the cost of the driver's time will be passed on to you.

What happens if I want only one box or item back early?

We can arrange for early delivery of specific boxes or other stored items. To arrange this, please contact us using the form or contact details on this page. We will levy an additional charge for this extra delivery.

Where can you deliver my boxes to?

Our standard student storage service includes delivery within 20 miles of the original collection address.

We can provide nationwide delivery however there may be an extra charge for this. If you want your stuff delivered to an address further than 20 miles from your collection address, please contact us using the contact details or form on this page.

Are there any fees for boxes that are too heavy or too full?

In case your item exceeds the weight limit, the collection team reserves the right to charge a fee of up to £20 for that particular item. This fee covers the additional packaging and care required for handling such items, and the discretion to apply the fee rests with the collection team.

If your item surpasses the specified dimensions, it will be classified under the next pricing category. To ensure compliance with the dimensional requirements, the boxes must meet the following conditions: the top should be completely flat and positioned at a 90-degree angle with the sides; the flaps on the top and bottom must align perfectly, and there should be no bulges anywhere on the box. These guidelines are in place because our standard boxes are stacked within our facility, and it is not feasible to stack boxes that are excessively packed or bulging.

Can I store stuff in my own boxes?

On our booking page you can choose to use Storage Society's strong storage boxes or your own boxes. We highly suggest using Storage Society's strong double-walled boxes for our student storage and removals services. Using used boxes or those without double walls increases the risk of damage during transportation or storage. Consequently, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or harm to any boxes you provide or the contents they contain. Please note that we do not accept plastic containers for storage purposes.

Regarding our shipping services, you have the option to order Storage Society boxes from us or use your own. However, we strongly advise using double-walled boxes. If you choose to use your own boxes, they must adhere to the following guidelines: they should not exceed dimensions of 50x50x50cm and should not weigh more than 25kg when fully packed. These boxes must be sturdy and securely sealed to withstand the shipping process.

Ensure that labels are affixed firmly to the box and either wrapped with cling film or attached securely enough to prevent detachment during transit. If the label is not securely fixed, we cannot be held liable for lost boxes collected or delivered through our overnight services.

We also recommend taking a photograph of your items before the courier collects them, as a precautionary measure in the unlikely event of any issues.

What stuff am I not allowed to store?

To accept your belongings into storage, they must be placed in one of our approved boxes, double-walled cardboard boxes, or suitcases. You can view the available box sizes and place an order through the provided link.

Please note that there are certain items we are unable to store or ship, even if they are in our approved boxes. Here is a list of prohibited items for your reference:

  1. Dangerous Goods, hazardous goods, or flammable goods.
  2. Firearms (including imitation firearms or firearm components), bladed products, tobacco products, jewellery (including watches) valued over £200, cash, documents exchangeable for cash or goods/services (e.g., cheques, credit/debit cards, vouchers with face value, event tickets), personally identifiable data (including prescriptions), personal effects, precious metals (including gold or silver items) valued over £200, furs, or any other valuables.
  3. Alcohol, including wines, beers, and spirits.
  4. Liquids exceeding 100ml, cannabidiol products, e-cigarette liquids containing nicotine.
  5. Electronic items including televisions, loudspeakers, smartphones, and all other electronic goods.
  6. Body parts or human remains, living or dead animals, fish, birds, or any other living organism (including trees or flowers shipped in liquid).
  7. Perishable food, pharmaceutical products, and non-excepted batteries (details available upon request).
  8. Goods prohibited by the law or regulation of any government, public or local authority in the country of transportation or intended destination, or destined for any country, company, organization, or individual subject to national or international export/import controls or regulations, including measures or embargoes imposed by the United Nations or any other national/international program, regulations against terrorism, money laundering, or comparable activities.
  9. Goods requiring a license or permit for transport or storage, or subject to import, export, or transportation restrictions (including Dual-use Goods) imposed by the laws applicable in the country of expedition, dispatch, transit, destination, or otherwise.
  10. Goods requiring a declaration of value under Art. 24 CMR or a declaration of special interest in delivery under Art. 26 Paragraph 1 CMR, or goods requiring a declaration of value or special interest in delivery under Art. 22 Warsaw Convention/Art. 22 Montreal Convention.
  11. Goods requiring temperature-controlled transport.
  12. Any other goods prohibited by the Company, unless expressly approved in writing by an Executive Director of the Company. If no written notice has been provided, the Company assumes no liability for such items, including losses arising from the Company's negligence.

If I don't use boxes I've ordered, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, if we have already sent you the unused storage boxes, we cannot refund the materials costs. However, we will update your storage fee to only include the boxes that are actually in storage.

You have two options regarding the extra empty boxes: you can keep them for your future bookings with us, or you can return them to our delivery driver on the day of collection.

Can I add more boxes and items to my order?

To include extra items in your order, we recommend that you place a new order with the same collection date and address. If you do this at least 3 working days prior to your collection date, we can send you additional empty boxes. However, if there isn't enough time to receive new Storage Society boxes, you have the option to use your own boxes or suitcases.

We cannot normally allow you to add additional storage items on the day of collection. If, on your collection day, you realise you need to store more items than you have included on your order, please call us ASAP on 0330 135 8135 and we will try to accommodate your new requirements.

Where is my stuff stored?

We store your stuff in highly secure facilities. All of our facilities are monitored by CCTV 24/7. We are rigorous in ensuring that your stuff is safe at all times.

What level of insurance is included in the storage prices?

Each order includes insurance coverage of up to £200 per box, granted that your belongings are packed and stored in our strong double-walled boxes. It's crucial to pack all items safely and securely to minimize any movement inside the box during transit. For delicate items, please make sure to wrap them in bubble wrap.

If your boxes or suitcases are not labeled, please ensure that you clearly write your name and order number on them. In case we have provided labels for you to attach, please make sure they are securely fastened. To prevent them from falling off during transit, wrap cling film or tape around the label and the item.

Is it possible to have my stuff delivered to another country?

Sure! We may be able to offer assistance with international shipping for your possessions but international shipping is not included in our normal student storage service so will need organising separately. Feel free to contact us using the form or details on this page, and we will look to provide you a quote from a reliable partner or provide a quote directly.

If you have already arranged for a courier service, kindly inform us so we can coordinate the collection of your items from the storage facility. Should you require weighing or measuring of your boxes or other items prior to shipping, we can offer this additional service for a fee.

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